Friday, December 30, 2011

Millers Oils comes to Asia

Cosmic Elite, an advertiser and supporter of TOVA since it first started as a TORCO distributor for Malaysia 2 years ago is now also representing Millers Oils, this time for both Malaysia and Singapore. I met up with Tony, Cosmic Elite's proprietor last month to get my quarterly stock of TORCO engine oils for my Integra and Jazz, during which he gave a brief introduction to Millers Oils. Tony also passed me a boxful of Millers Oils products for my testing and review. 

About Millers Oils
Millers Oils is a U.K. company and have been around for more than a century. While I have heard of them before, I did not know the huge range of products they specialize in, not until I started research on them after that brief introduction from Tony. Millers Oils develops products not only in the automotive/motorsports industry, but also a diverse range of other industries including agricultural, marine and even food products. Their range of automotive/motorsports products is very wide and impressive and includes engine and gearbox oil, lubricants like grease, even engine coolants and  fuel additives. 

One of Millers Oils most significant achievement was at the 2009 World Motorsport Symposium, where their transmission (gearbox) oil featuring their unique 'Nano Technology (NT)' additive won the prestigious "Most Innovative New Product", ahead of F1 legends McLaren and Williams. For the enthusiasts, this product comes in the "CRX" range of Millers Oils transmission oils (a rather nice product name, don't you agree ?!).

Besides the CRX transmission oil, Tony also passed to me for testing a couple of items for areas which I have been looking at for some time. All in, I received four Millers Oils products as below:

CRX 75W-90 NT transmission (gearbox) oil
As mentioned above, this is based on the product which won Millers Oils the "Most innovative product" award above. "NT" signifies the product as containing Millers Oils "Nano Technology" additive (there is a CRX 75W-90 which doesn't contain the additive).

Racing Brake Fluid 300Plus
This is a 'DOT 4+' brake fluid and features an 'extra high boiling point' exceeding 300°C (dry) designed for use in races. The fluid exceeds the requirements of SAE J1703, JAE1704 and FMVSS 116 DOT 4 according to the Millers Oils website.

Extra Cool
Millers Oils 'Extra Cool' is an engine 'coolant', meant to be added to our radiator to enhance engine cooling. Millers Oils also mentions the extra property of it being a multi-metal corrosion inhibitor, which to me is a very attractive feature after seeing so many engines with stained and corroded water passage ways. Most importantly, Extra Cool works with aluminium which is important for Honda owners and is claimed to 'help reduce coolant temperature by up to 15°C'. 

Petrol Power Ecomax
This is an octane booster and detergent package. Ecomax is stated to add 2 octane numbers to unleaded fuel, meaning that when I use it on a tank of RON97 fuel, I theoretically get RON99. Detergent-wise, Ecomax will clean the fuel injectors and engine internals. Millers Oils even claims that it "may invigorate catalytic convertors." It is compatible only with unleaded petrol.

I will be testing the products out over the next few months. Obviously some of them can only be used at the proper time, i.e. I can only use the CRX gear-oil when I next service my Integra where I can get the workshop to change my transmission oil. The Petrol Power Ecomax product however can be tried as quickly as the next full tank top-up. 

With this new "Honda Geek" publishing medium, I will be able to publish regular updates on my testing so do check back regularly as I start to use each of the products.

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