Thursday, March 15, 2012

Effect of RON rating on Hybrids

At the launch of the Jazz Hybrid by Honda Malaysia yesterday, I had the chance to chat with its LPL Mr. Shingo Nagamine. One of the topics I raised concerns the petrol grade requirement for the Jazz Hybrid. This relates to the issue of having the choice of either RON95 or RON97 petrol in Malaysia. 

Firstly is the question of the petrol grade the Jazz Hybrid has been set-up to use. For this, Nagamine-san says that models like this Jazz Hybrid are imported into Malaysia directly from Japan but they are not completely identical to the JDM units. There are some work done to ensure the car optimizes into the local environment and that includes the quality of petrol available here. In this case, Nagamine-san says that Honda tuned the Jazz Hybrid to work best with the RON95 petrol that we get at our fuel pumps.